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5 Tips to Make Your Tyres Last Longer


The one component of your car that has any contact with the ground is the tyre. Your car’s tyres are in constant contact with the road. They provide cushioning for your car’s wheels. Also, they grip the road so that you don’t slide. They are as, if not more, important than every other car part. (Except for the brakes, those are pretty important.)

Some folk forget this, and let the condition of their tyres get away on them. This is a recipe for road accidents. Learn how to avoid being the victim of tyre related car crashes using this article. The following is how to increase your tyre’s life-span.

  1. Try not to Brake Suddenly or Accelerate Hard

These practices are bad for tyres. They produce more friction than is usual. Much more. Friction equals wear and tear. Of course, braking suddenly is the only course of action in some circumstances. Just try not to do it when you don’t need to.

  1. Choose Wheels and Tyres that use OEM-specs

Some motorists choose tyres and rims that look fancy. This practice is frowned upon by most experts. If you are absolutely hell-bent on changing your tyres’ OEM specs, talk to your local tyre specialist first. Check out how to choose the right tyre for your car.

  1. Keep Tyres at the Correct Pressure Level

You can over inflate your tyres. You can also under inflate them too. Look at what your car’s manufacturer recommends. The user manual should have this info. It is also on the driver’s door, and on the driver side b pillar. 

If you don’t inflate your tyres enough, your tyres will wear down faster. Acceleration and braking are also impaired if your tyres are a bit squishy.

  1. Have the Wheels Aligned Regularly

Do you want your tyres to have even tread on them? Of course, you do. Everyone does. It is safe that way. Ensure that this is the case by having them aligned on a regular basis. Doing so has other benefits as well. If your suspension has a part on it that is playing up, you will find out.

  1. Tyre Rotation

Ensuring even tyre tread can be done via other methods too. This is one of them. There will be less wear and tear for the tyres that are on the free axle. They need a regular rotating.

When do Tyres Need Replacing?

The Tread has Worn Out: Your car needs your tyres to have enough tread in order to stay gripped to the road. Bald tyres have been responsible for many car accidents. The car is more likely to skid and the driver has less control in the long run. This is worse on wet surfaces.

The Tread Pattern is Uneven: If you frequently brake hard and accelerate hard when you don’t need to, your tread will be uneven. If you don’t inflate your tyres properly, this is another cause of uneven tread. If your tyres have this problem, they should be replaced when you can.

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