7 Reasons Why Cars Fail their Warrant of Fitness

Nearly all vehicles require to pass an emission test in order to get an approval for warranty of fitness (WoF). However, most of the older automobiles usually fail their warrant of fitness checks due to being dysfunctional or faulty. Whereas anyone who have purchased a brand new automobile won’t have any struggle in getting a WOF.

As modern cars are well designed to pass this test with less hassle. Though these vehicles can face difficulty to pass their second emission test as they depreciate and get old. Ultimately, it is necessary to have a valid Warrant of Fitness in order to drive your vehicle safely on the road.


Here are the most common reasons why vehicles fail their Warrant of Fitness and how you can avoid it:

Unbalanced Car Wheels

Every car owner wants their vehicles to offer safe and comfortable rides. However, most people tend to ignore the major issues like unbalanced wheels, which make their rides unsafe on roads. When an automobile is inspected for WOF problems like unbalanced tyres can create major troubles. Because balanced tyres maintain an appropriate load, when the inspector drive the vehicle on a dynamometer.

Oil Change

If you have ever covered a distance of more than 5000 miles and ignore to change its oil. Then, make sure to change its oil before you head out for an emission test. It’s because the oil may have been contaminated and have large amounts of hydrocarbons. This will make the oil very hazardous and your automobile won’t be efficient to pass the emission test.

The Check Engine Light may be on

Vehicle’s check engine light often goes on due to unnecessary reasons. Because of this many vehicle owner often ignore to check their automobiles check engine lights. However, this doesn’t indicate that your automobile has some major problem.  But it will still make your vehicle unfit for getting a Warrant of Fitness. Thus, make sure to take your automobile to an emissions repair shop, when you find its check engine light on.

Custom Made Changes

Before you take your automobile for inspection, make sure to refuel your oil with additives. If you don’t use it, there will be a deposition of carbon in the engine. By using additives you can clean out the deposits and this will make the fuel flow easily through the engine. Also, it will lower down the hazardous emissions from the engine.

Wet weather driving

It is better to avoid driving in wet weather if you want to pass the Warrant of Fitness test easily. This is because inspectors will find its difficult to drive your automobile on a dynamometer, if it has wet tyres. Also, it will be difficult to maintain a steady speed. As a result, the pressure you put on the engine and the drive train torque will increase leading to high emission rates.

You straight drove it for inspection

If you want to raise the likelihood of passing your warrant of fitness, drive it around for twenty minutes before getting there. The operating temperature of the catalytic converter, coolant and oil will be at ideal operating temperatures.

There are a number of reputed car wreckers in Wellington like King Auto Wellington, who always encourage people to avoid these mistakes. However, if the vehicle has completed its age then feel free to consult them and get the best price for that.

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