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Bad Advice to do with Old Regularly Breaking-Down Cars

Bad Advice to do with Old Regularly Breaking-Down Cars

bad advice on broken cars

No one likes to have a vehicle that is regularly on the mend. It doesn’t just take a lot of effort to keep it going, it costs a lot of money. If you decide to tell your friends and family about your vehicle related woes, you will have to brace yourself for a lot of advice. If any of them happen to be mechanics, you can trust that that particular person will likely be providing good tips. But if none of them are auto mechanics, none of them can be trusted.

If there is one thing about Kiwi Auto Wreckers, it is that we have a crew of experienced mechanics who know what they are talking about. We know the difference between good advice and bad advice. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice to expect about your old and breaking down car.

Avoid Voiding Your Car’s Warrantee by Bringing It to the Dealership

This is a pervasive myth, but the reality tells a different story. No auto manufacturers advise their customers that they have to have their cars fixed at the dealership. Just make sure that you refer to your car’s manual and you should be able to avoid this.

If a Mechanic Doesn’t Have the Right Equipment They Should be Able to Fix a Broken-Down Engine

When engine problems occur, the problem can be so serious that the car may as well be scrapped. It doesn’t matter how much you trust your mechanic. If they don’t have an engine analyser or scan tool, they are not the right mechanic for the job.

Unbranded Replacement Parts are Fine to Use

You should not use unbranded parts. Anyone who tells you that you should are wrong. They sure are cheaper, but don’t let this tempt you. They probably won’t work on your car as well as parts that are properly designed for your car. The long run will be you spending more money, not less.

Wise Men Fix Broken Cars until they are Decades old and Nearly Falling to Pieces

At some point your car is going to start costing more money to run due to accumulated wear and tear. You should not put up with this state of affairs. You will save money in the long run by selling this one to the scrap yard and getting a replacement.

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it

If there is the slightest red flag signalling a possible problem, ignoring it will cost you dearly in the long run. It will eventually turn into something much worse. You need to get that car looked at. Sure, it may be just fine, with nothing wrong with it. But on the contrary, it may actually be something much worse than what you could have imagined. Your car’s life depends on you being ever vigilant when it comes to possible issues that could end up with serious mechanical issues. Good luck and God speed!

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