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There could be various reasons that may lead a vehicle to an undesirable state. It could be badly devastated in an accident or damaged by a natural disaster. Or, it could be also possible that your beloved vehicle is simply not worth repairing due to approaching old age.

But fortunately, you don’t need to just ditch your vehicle in a landfill when it turns old or junk. It’s because the “Kiwi Auto Wreckers” is the perfect place for its safe and friendly disposal of your Junker.

We are trusted members of the continuously growing industry of used auto wreckers and recyclers in the country. Thus, if you ever find yourself in a predicament and wonder: how to deal with my broken car or truck?

You can freely turn it to us and earn some really good money in exchange. We are the superior used auto wreckers and scrap car removal experts in Wellington. We are committed to help the owners of all types of unwanted automobiles with splendid wrecking and recycling services.

Broken car collection, Wellington

Get a secure deal by choosing us

Being a legitimate company, we guarantee complete security to our clients as they need when selling their damaged wheels. We are certified and trustworthy members of the Licensed Motor Car Traders in Porirua, Lower Hutt, and Wellington. Hence, all our business activities are legal and conclusive.

As we purely focus on helping the folks struggling with selling their used or busted wheels. We follow strict practices and environmental standards that adhere to EPA protocols.

No need to exert any effort or shell out money

Unlike other Wellington’s auto dismantlers, we offer services that favourable for the convenience of our customers. Our pure passion to help the unwanted car owners and the environment compel us to provide worry-free and smooth services.

With that in mind, we remove vehicles for free, regardless of the damage (If any). This means you must never expect to shell out even a single dollar, when dealing with us. Of course, there are no hidden charges, transport costs or hook-up and removal fees.

Additionally, we will look after all the related hard work and troubles as well. You don’t even need to worry about the burden of fetching and organizing the paperwork. For us, our clients are the boss and their convenience is our top priority. So, only need to fix the suitable date and time for your old car removal and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wellington Favourite Car Removal

Being certified, and licensed car removal outfit, we never let our customers’ expectations down. This is where our competent team of professional appraisers, wreckers, and recyclers play a major role.  When working with us, you are assured to get top-rank auto wrecking and removal services in Wellington.

Our team consist of knowledgeable and experienced specialists. Whether it’s about skilled appraisers or friendly customer assistance specialists, all of them are trained in their field.

Don’t worry about your vehicle’s condition

When selling a broken or junk vehicle, it is normal to think that it’ll be a trouble for anyone who buy it. But even if your auto is irreparable or a huge piece of trash, we will accept it. We have the expertise to deal with vehicles in good working order as well as totally wrecked ones.

Furthermore, there’s no way we will reject your automobile based on its model or brand. We’ll be glad to take it, whether it’s a Honda, Chevrolet, Kia, Lexus, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Toyota, Holden, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, or any other brand.

Top Cash for Cars Wellington

Every auto owner scout for the best deal when selling a vehicle. And, our skilled appraisers perfectly understand this. That is why, the offer the best cash assessment right away without wasting the valuable time of the customer. Our vehicle appraisers and customer care assistance representatives work together efficiently. This helps us in offering reasonable quotes based on existing scrap metal rates, used auto resale value and auto industry trends. We won’t even put any pressure on you to agree to our quote, if you don’t like it.

And the great news is that it will only take a few hours to complete the whole transaction process. You will get the payment immediately, when we will come to pick up your automobile. You’ll only need to sign the required paperwork and we’ll tow away your damaged auto in no time. Simply contact our friendly representative today by quickly dialling: 0800 800 721.

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