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How to choose the right tyre for your car?

How to choose the right tyre for your car?

When you realise that your tyres look bald or they are unable to pass the WOF. It means they need to be replaced. It’s then when we pay attention to them and go shopping for the new ones. But surprisingly, we are faced with a perplexing variety of tyre options to shop from.

This is probably a common experience that makes car owners to wonder- How to choose the best tyres for my car?  After all, they are very important for auto owner’s safety and should be bought with proper consideration. At Kiwi Auto Wreckers, we are keeping the inventory of cheap car tyres in Wellington. Feel free to stop by and get a quote.

By giving just a few minutes to this post you will be able to choose the suitable set of wheels like an expert. Also, you will know when the seller starts dazzling and manipulating you with information about the aspect ratio, speed performance rating and tread depth. This will help you to take an informed decision and avoid devious sellers.


Tyre Safety – What to look for?

When it comes to Tyre safety, the most important aspect to be considered is tread depth. This is because good tread depth help in easy cornering and provide stability while braking. Additionally, it also provides superior grip in wet conditions. For instance, tyres have to move 5 liters of water per second from the contact patch when a vehicle moves at speed of 100kphs on a wet road.

Generally, the legal requirement for minimum tread depth on your tyres is at least 1.5 millimeters (across 75% of tread) and around their complete circumference. Because a deeper tread will provide more excellent grip to your car.

Therefore, when shopping for them always look for the best tyres for wear. Make sure to change four of them at the same time, if it fits in your budget. Conversely, you can change them in pairs on the same axle.  Remember to buy the same size and shape of tyres that shares common axle.

How to maintain them?

Tyres are undeniably the most important piece of safety equipment in our wheels. Therefore, it is essential to inflate them to correct pressure. This will ensure safe braking, good traction and maximize their life. If your wheels are under pressure it leads to poor handling and increase the fuel consumption. Conversely, over-inflated ones will reduce your vehicle’s grip on the roads. Basically, they will easily get worn-out in both the cases.

So, in order to find the correct pressure for your set of wheels seek recommendations from your tyre retailer or go through your vehicle’s manual. To prevent uneven wear and tear, get your wheels aligned and balanced after regular intervals of 6 months. Either way you can also rotate your wheels at regular intervals to extend their tread life.

In order to check uneven tread wear, have a look at the following vital points.

  • Wear on one edge of wheels means they are unbalanced and unaligned.
  • The Wear along the center of the wheel surface means continuous over-inflation.
  • Wear on both the edges means the wheels are persistently under-inflated.

How to choose the right option?

When shopping for wheels, make sure to choose according to the kind of driving you do. This is because all of them exactly look same but have different capabilities. You will have to consider whether you drive in wet weather, at high speeds or do most of the towing and hauling work. All these factors will help you to the right type of wheels for your automobiles.


Here, take a look at various notable attributes of your Tyres that you should always look when shopping for them.

  • Aspect ratio-

It is the ratio of the height of the tyre’s rim to its width. Generally, wheels with low aspect ratio are suitable for performance vehicles rather than family Sedans. As they provide greater stability and handling.

  • Tyre width-

It is measured in millimeters from the sidewalls to the sidewalls.

  • Speed performance rating-

Usually, all wheels have high speed ratings and provide great performance at higher speeds. The various speed performance rating codes are listed below-

  – L-160 km/h

  – S-175 km/h

  – H-210 km/h

  – V- greater than 210 km/h

  • Load capacity-

When it comes to speed, almost all wheels have great capacity to bear heavy loads. If you also do most of the hauling and towing activities, make sure to choose the right type of wheels.


How to read tyre markings?

Have you ever wondered whether you markings on the side of your wheels correctly or not? Here go through this illustration-


  • 195 is the width of your wheels i.e. 195mm
  • 65 is its aspect ratio
  • R means “radial”, which means the type of construction used in it. These days, all tyres are radial constructed.
  • 15 is the width of the wheel rim in inches

Lastly, make sure to maintain your wheels well for better performance and prolong their life. Have them regularly checked for any wear and tear, balancing and for exact pressure.  

No matter, you buy new or second hand tyres, just make sure that you buy them from the reputable company.

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