4 Ways to Tell that your Car Needs Dumping

(Last Modified on: August 9, 2019)

If you have a vehicle that deserves the “junk” label, you can bet that it is a waste of space. Regardless of where you are keeping it. Fortunately, these kinds of vehicles are not at all hard to deal with. Did you know that they are surprisingly easy to sell?


So there is no excuse for not doing it. But you will be wanting to make sure that it is well and truly dead first. Otherwise, you will be scrapping a perfectly good vehicle. How does one do that? Let’s find out!

  1. The Vehicle in Question is in Very Bad Condition

So, what is a junk car? Or “scrap car” as they are often referred to by experts? How can you tell the difference between an automobile that is perfectly fine, from a car that needs to be disposed of? Well, for one, cars that have reached the end of their lives are often in very bad condition. So, it isn’t necessarily on its own a sign that your car is a clunker, but if it is in bad condition it is more likely to be the case.

  1. It’s Model is Very Old

If your car is a very old car, there are some concerns that will pop up as a result of its age. One of those problems is centred on safety. Newer vehicle models have better safety technology features than older models. By continuing to hold onto the old vehicle, and not getting rid of it, you are opting for a less safe method of transport, deliberately. Older models also have far worse emissions ratings, making them worse for the environment. Finally, the older your car, the closer it is to officially becoming a scrap car.

  1. It is Nearly Impossible to Sell Privately or to a Dealership

When a person is on the hunt for a vehicle to buy, they will have a certain standard of quality. If you have put your car up for sale, and it has been many months without anyone showing any interest, the writing may just be on the wall. The vehicle is a lost cause and no-one wants it. So it is a good thing that there are some reputed auto wreckers in Wellington who buy the vehicles that no-one else wants.

  1. It Is Too Expensive To Get Repaired

Let’s say that a car is broken down. It may or may not be a junk car, one that needs to be sold to the local auto wreckers. How do we find out? First we look at how much it was worth before breaking down. Then we find out how much the repairs will be worth. If the last figure is of a higher amount than the last one, it can be said with a high deal of confidence that the vehicle in question is a scrap car.

Feel free to contact Kiwi Auto Wreckers when you feel like you need to scrap your car for decent cash. We take care of pickups and paperwork as well.

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