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Environmental Benefits of Salvage Junk Yards in Lower Hutt, Wellington

Environmental Benefits of Salvage Junk Yards in Lower Hutt, Wellington

With the growing environmental pollution, everyone is putting their best efforts to maintain it by following the three R’s (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling). Sometimes with the help of popular advertisements or by using major programs for recycling and even with celebrity endorsements.

Additionally, many folks are also eliminating the recyclable items from their garbage and unplugging the unused appliances. In fact, they are replacing them with the more eco-friendly items. But, how are you going to deal with your old clunker that is simply sitting in your driveway? For this there is still one option about which a lot of folks aren’t aware of and the great news is that it can do wonders in keeping the environment healthy.

Of course, we are talking about Kiwi Auto Wreckers in Lower Hutt, Wellington, whose business revolves around eliminating scrap automobiles that are no longer functional.


There are great many environmental benefits of selling your vehicles to salvage junk yards.

Here they are:

Recycling and Reusing the Valuable parts

Whether it’s a junk yard, salvage yard or an Auto wrecking yard all do pretty much the same job of treating scrap vehicles in the finest way. There are a number of reasons which may cause a vehicle to end up in a salvage yard. It can be suffering from an irreparable damage or maybe it has a burst engine or broken suspension. In any case, car recycling has a vital role.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are simply left with an old rusty piece that is for nothing. Instead, your old vehicle is a treasure of parts. This is why it can fetch you good money. And, this is where auto wreckers can help you by harvesting and selling your automobile for parts and putting good money in your pocket.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

When a vehicle been in an accident such that it is completely written off, it can still have some parts working in a good order. These parts get hauled away to scrap yards and recycled to be reused as second hand parts. There is the huge importance of auto parts recycling for our environment and we have to accept this.

And if they are properly advertised more and more auto will be convinced to use them over the original ones. Consequently the need for original components will gradually decline. This means that the need to manufacture new steel which is used in creating new parts and components will decrease. Even it will lessen the use of heavy machineries which also release toxic gaseous substances when manufacturing original equipment materials.

Additionally, it will reduce the greenhouse gases that are very hazardous to our environment and its surroundings.

Long-run Environmental Advantages

Most of the auto owners that are still unaware of the benefits of using auto salvage yards, end up dumping their vehicles on open landfills or random places. Not just this, even if their old vehicles stop functioning properly such that its repair expenses are beyond their budget, they just leave it deteriorating on their property. Thereby, leaving that non-biodegradable stuff to cause trouble for their future generations.

This is why we would like everyone to know the primary benefits of using car wreckers, removal & recycling services.


To avoid such terrible scenarios, it will be smart to put it to good use by handing it over to the shredding facility. There proficient technicians will not only sell its recyclable spare parts and give you good cash in return. But they will also carefully dispose the non-usable or harmful substances by using environmentally friendly avenues.

Summing up

If you are a responsible individual and love recycling, this is perhaps the best method to help your environment. You can get it started by installing second hand car parts in your vehicle whenever it needs repair.

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