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Equipment Used for DIY Car Dismantling

If you wish to dispose of a scrap vehicle, you will need to dismantle it properly. You can then sell all the parts individually, as long as they are in working order. Any parts that aren’t can simply be sold to a scrap yard. Of course, most people aren’t able to do this, as it takes a lot of skill and experience to not make a complete mess of it. So, it is a good thing that there are professionals out there who are perfectly trained, with years of experience, who can do this for you.

This doesn’t mean that one can’t do it themselves if they have the required amount of determination. They will need more than mere determination, though. They will need some tools. Let us look at what kind of tools we are talking about here.

Fluid Recovery Tools

There are going to be fluids in the vehicle that is about to be pulled apart. You don’t want these toxic chemicals to go everywhere. Because in that case, the final destination is going to be the local waterways, and eventually the ocean. If this happened regularly, that is a lot of pollution. So, draining these fluids is important. Get the right tools in order to complete this task.

Cutting Tools

Some parts will need cutting. And this isn’t going to be the kind of cutting that will work on wood. You will need tools that can cut through metal. Most of your average car is made of steel, so keep that in mind. There are cutters that do the job, and they are called multi-purpose cutters. They will cut through just about anything, including any bolts that have rusted shut, thick wires and brackets. Wires and hoses can be dealt with using your garden variety craft knife, or box cutter, or Stanley knife. Whatever you want to call it.

Engine Lifting Hoist

Car parts vary in weight. Your average windscreen wiper isn’t very heavy. But the engine, on the other hand, is very heavy. You won’t just need to unscrew some bolts and lift it out manually. You will need a hoist. And engine hoist. People often use a single-post engine hoist. And once you get one, you can use it to lift anything that happens to be similarly heavy, including the transmission.


The reality is that most people don’t have the expertise to do this. But if you have gone out, done some training, watched some YouTube videos, and you really want to do it, the above tools are just a few of the things you will want to get. On top of that, you will need a lot of spare time, as well as spare space.

Or, you could save yourself a whole bunch of time and effort and sell a car to car scrap yards in Wellington. Auto dismantlers pay you good cash, and you won’t have to lift a single finger. The choice is yours. But choose wisely.

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