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European automobiles have always been among the most trusted and celebrated car brands in the world. They are often associated with high class and elegance. Here at Kiwi Auto Wreckers we are well aware of this, and because of this we take extra care when wrecking them to make sure that they are wrecked with the level of respect that they have earned. Part of showing that respect is by paying top cash for these vehicles.


Wreckers of BMW cars

Possibly the most instantly recognisable names in the world of European car manufacturers, and that isn’t even hyperbole. As a premier Wellington Wreckers, we always excited to hand over generous amounts of money for any BMW. It doesn’t even matter what type of BMW it is, as we will take all of them. This includes the E70 X5 mid-sized SUV. It includes any Coupe, Sedan or Hatchback. Free pickup or removal is a must!

Volkswagen Cars As Well

The German vehicle brand Volkswagen has a long and colourful history. Its list of amazing models, includes such greats as the Beetle, the Gold and the Caddy. What better way to show respect for a car brand, then making sure that it is sent off at the end of its life via the process of auto wrecking. We will take all models, including the Corrado and Brasilia.

Add Audis to the List of European Cars We Wreck

Do you have an Audi that has finally, after many years of faithful service to the cause of transporting you from point A to point B, breathed its last breath? You will be needing to dispose of it, then. And whether it is an S3 model, or an RS model, it doesn’t matter. We’ll take S8’s, RS5’s, we’ll take any Audi you throw at us and throw back generous amounts of cash in return.

Mercedes Vehicles Need Wrecking Too – Your Local Mercedes Benz Wreckers in Wellington

Another feather in the cap of European excellence, the Mercedes manufacturing company have put out some wonderful models and cemented their name as one of the all-time greats. Similarly, we are one of the all-time greats at wrecking cars. We show much love and cash for anyone offering to sell us their old Mercedes vehicle. And we will put our wrecking skills to practice on any model of Mercedes, whether it be an SLK or an AMG or GT.


Kiwi Auto Wreckers have all the European Car Parts You Could Ever Need

We are leaders in every aspect of the car removal/wrecking industry, and part of that means having an extensive inventory of auto parts. We have them because we wreck so many of these cars, and salvage any re-usable parts for re-sale. The range is huge, and you need to see it with your eyes. Every member of our friendly team is more than ready to help you find the vehicle component you need to buy in order to fix your vehicle, and find it fast.

If you live in Wellington or any of the surrounding areas like Porirua, Palmerston North or Wairarapa, and you need to sell your vehicle, or you need a used part, don’t hesitate to ring Kiwi Auto Wreckers at 04 577 1600 (for parts) or 0800 800 721 (for car removal) and enjoy the best auto removal service in lower north island.

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