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Frequently asked questions about salvage cars

When your car gets damaged in a road accident, you will probably take it to an auto repair shop. But if the insurance agency finds that the repair cost of your damaged vehicle are more than its actual worth, they will declare it as salvaged or totalled. And, when this happens, a number of questions will start coming in your mind.

Here we have discussed some frequently asked questions about salvage cars:

What exactly is a Salvage vehicle?

A vehicle with a salvage or rebuildable title is known as a Salvage Car. These types of automobile damage to an extent that they are no more reparable and the insurance company decides to take its ownership. Basically, when it costs more money to repair a vehicle than its actual worth the insurance company declares it as a total loss or totalled. In the process of insurance claim, you can also shift the ownership of a stolen or recovered vehicle to the insurance agency and they will make theft recovery vehicle a case of the salvage-title vehicle.

What are Salvage title vehicles?

The owners of vehicles with salvage title cannot drive them on public roads until it have been inspected by the authority of the state in which it has been declared as salvaged or have been repaired by an experienced mechanic.  If the clear the inspection, the salvage title will get transferred into a “Title with Salvage History” or a “ Rebuilt Title. And, once your vehicle gets a Rebuilt Title, you can drive it on the public streets. However, the manufacturers voids the warranties of Rebuilt automobiles.

Is it safe to buy a Rebuilt car?

The automobiles with a Rebuilt title likely have less value as compared to those with a clean title. This is because of their poor history of damage and lack of warranty. So, they happen to be a good option for people who are willing to buy a good working vehicle for less money and can make any repairs that come after purchasing. However, it is best to get it inspected by a professional mechanic to ensure that every system is working fine.

Is it possible to sell a Rebuilt vehicle?

Of course, you can easily get rid of a rebuilt vehicle than a Salvage one. It is simply because it is still in a good working condition. However, you will get 50% less money for a rebuilt vehicle in comparison to one with a bad history.

What is a Junk vehicle?

There is no clear-cut definition of a Junk car as it is for a salvage auto. This is because its definition tends to change with the desirability of the make, model and year. Basically, an auto that is no longer worthy in terms of its parts and as a whole is said to be a Junk car. It is only valuable in terms of the scrap metal it consists of. Most of the times, junk automobiles are assessed on the basis of their weight and number of recyclable metals. As heavier automobiles are likely to have more recyclable metals. Junk automobiles can have various types of title like a Certificate of Destruction, Clean or Salvage title, or not title.

Is it possible to salvage a junk car?

Of course, you can salvage a scrap auto because it will still have some value. Even if it is a theft recovered automobile. Also, it is not possible to sell a junk vehicle via normal methods. It is obviously because people are not willing to purchase an automobile that will need repairs. A change over the title, inspection by a professional mechanic or an insurance before it can be driven on the road.

However, there are some people who are ready to buy scrap automobiles and even pay a fair amount of money in return. These are salvaged or junk car wreckers who are specialised in removing all kinds of automobiles that are in an undesirable condition.

Is it possible to sell a scrap car?

Of course, you can sell a junk automobile. But don’t expect to get a higher cash for it. Scrap automobiles don’t have much worth and their demand may change from one area to another. And, if you are selling a scrap automobile without a title. You will need to take the help of a scrap yard.

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