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Fuso Truck Wreckers in Wellington

If you live in Lower Hutt, Wellington and you have a truck that no longer serves any purpose due to it being old and useless, you may be wondering how you are going to get rid of it. Well, look no further than Kiwi Truck Wreckers. We here at Kiwi Truck Wreckers are in the business of buying old Fuso trucks and wrecking them. We buy all junk, scrap, broken or accidental truck brands for the best price & offer the free truck removal throughout Wellington, NZ. Generally, we cover lower hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, Palmerston North and much more.


Top Cash for Your Fuso Truck

If you have a Fuso truck that is in an advanced state of disrepair and it costs too much to have it fixed. The right thing to do is call us here at Kiwi Auto Wreckers and we will come over to your place and buy it off you. Depending on the condition of the Fuso truck you have. Also, depending on its age and model. You can get in between $100 and $10,000 for it. All you have to do is call us at 0800 800 721, We will gladly take that Fuso truck off your hands.

We Offer Free Truck Removal All Over Wellington

When we come to your place, the first thing we do is assess the truck to find out how much it is worth. Then we will pay you on the spot. Once we own the truck, it would be wrong to make you then pay to have it transported to our salvage yard. This is why we perform the amazing service of free removal. There are no surprise hidden costs for you at all, just sweet, sweet cash.

Free Quote

When you first contact us, we will be glad to make a basic estimate of how much we will pay for your Fuso truck. Just call us or fill out the form that you can find on the front page of our website. This is a great service because not only can you use it for comparison purposes. It is completely free and you won’t be obligated to continue afterward.

Any Model of Fuso Truck is Fine

As a responsive truck dismantlers, we will not turn your request for buying your Fuso truck because your truck is a certain model. That would be wrong, especially now that we have said that we won’t do that. We buy all models of Fuso, including the FE-HD, FE-SP, FE120, FE140, FE434, and all the rest of them. That’s right, every single Fuso truck model is fair game for our buying habits.

Any Condition as Well

We will not reject your truck because the condition it is in is too bad. We wreck trucks, and it would make no sense to not want to wreck a truck because it is in bad condition. So whether your Fuso truck has been burned to a crisp, damaged extensively by water, or has simply gotten way too old, we will buy it off you.

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