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How to haggle while selling your scrap car?

How to haggle while selling your scrap car?

Not a lot of people know this, but the auto-scrap industry is extremely lucrative and has massive amounts of dollars tied up in it. If your vehicle has died and you are about to contact an auto wrecking company in order to sell it to them for some sweet cash. Do not forget to negotiate the value of the machine with them. When selling a junk car there is always a chance that the quote offered to you is lower than is fair. And it is perfectly understandable that you would want to get the most you possibly can for the automobile.


Cash for Car companies make enormous profits

Junk car removal companies make up to 300% on each scrap vehicle that they purchase. There is more than enough wiggle room for someone who is selling to them in order to get cash for scrap clunkers to haggle for a better price. The knowledge that these automobiles are the life blood of these outfits is powerful. As it gives the advantage to the seller.

That doesn’t mean you will make as much as you would if you sold all the parts on the vehicle yourself. You’re still settling for a lower pay-out in exchange for convenience and time. But you can still get a bit more than you would otherwise get if you play your cards right.

Inspect your car before they do

Before you sell your junk vehicle for money to a Cash for Cars Company. They will come over and inspect it first. They will likely estimate its value based on how many components are in it that are in working condition. Therefore can be resold, as well as its weight in scrap materials. After that, they may very well offer a price well below what they know it is worth.

You would be wise to get in there first and make a personal list of all the working and non-working parts on your vehicle. So you know in advance how much the whole thing should be valued at. That way you have firm ground to stand on if you decide to haggle the price up.

Mention the company’s competition

Tell the junk auto wreckers that you have had the auto seen by some of the company’s competition, and that the price they are willing to pay is more than what the company you are currently talking to is offering. This is a classic strategy when negotiating, and well worth the effort. Of course, it is much more advantageous for you if you aren’t lying and have actually had the vehicle looked at by others. This is where getting the car seen by a professional is a great idea. Having a variety of different offers gives you an even better idea of how much the vehicle is worth. And will give you the upper hand in any haggling session.

In the event that your vehicle is a junk car. It has absolutely no working parts and can only be valued via its weight in recyclable scrap material. You might want to forget about haggling or negotiating. As in this case its potential value is quite straight forward and you may very well be wasting your time.

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