Great Tips for Haggling Over a Used Car

Selling or buying a used car is not normally a hassle free process, but perhaps the most daunting prospect for some folk is the negotiating stage. It is where the buyer and seller lock metaphorical horns in a struggle to see who can have the most influence over the final agreed upon price of the vehicle. For the seller, it is the difference between getting a great deal, and getting a mediocre one. The buyer, similarly, is attempting to make the most money that they can. Here are some tips for completing this activity well.


Establish That You Want to Haggle in the First Place

Not all folks are built for the game of haggling over the price of a used car. However, there are people who love it. The fact of the matter is that the stakes are high for both parties. It is best if you have a good think about your strengths and weaknesses in this area. If you decide that it isn’t for you, you may be able to enlist the help of someone who it is for. Maybe a spouse, friend or family member.

Set Yourself a Target

When you yourself are the buyer, figure out a budget for yourself that you won’t go over no matter what. The thing is, the seller will try to use every trick in the book to manipulate you into spending top dollar. Be sure that your resolve is strong, and no matter how much the seller tries, you don’t relent and end up spending more than you intended. If you are planning to get decent cash for old car then you have to start your price from there.

Choose a Car that Best Suites You

It is easy to enter the vehicle purchasing game and be wowed by sleek and elegant sports cars, or big and robust luxury models. Think about what you use the car for. Do you regularly make big trips, or are you primarily using it to go across town and no more? The climate you live in as well as the topography of your geographic location may also factor into your decision. If you have a family, you will want a car that will fit all of them and then some.

Research Vehicle Prices

Go online and check out websites whose job it is to provide you with general car prices. That way you come into the negotiating room with knowledge, and you won’t let anyone fool you into spending more than you should be on any given automobile. This is a very important tip if you don’t want to lose money.

Do Negotiating Via Text Messaging

If you don’t have a person who can help you negotiate, or you simply want to do it yourself despite the fact that you are uncomfortable doing it, one option may be to do it using mobile phone texting. This will allow you to complete the task without being face to face, which can eliminate the social anxiety element of your hesitations in the haggling arena.

Good luck negotiating & keep visiting Kiwi Auto Wreckers.

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