How much is my car worth?

There are so many online tools and calculators available on the internet where you can input the vehicle credentials and find out the ballpark figures of the auto price, however, they cannot be accurate because tools can calculate the price on the basis of make, model and age of the vehicle and without assessing the condition of the car – it is not possible to give you the exact price.

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Getting back to the topic – So your vehicle cost sums up with the 3 major factors – Make-Model, Age and the condition of the vehicle. I am going to describe each of them in brief:


Have you ever realised how popular brand or model are you driving? Reliability of the brand is one of the prime factor that can affect the current worth of the vehicle. Standard running model vehicles get paid more than the one not in trend anymore.

Age – How many KM’s has your car done?

Another prime and standard factor that can fetch the accurate quote for your vehicle. Price will be calculated on the basis of the age and the KM made by the vehicle. Most the times – your vehicle can be a couple of years old with the maximum KM done – it will definitely reduce the worth compared to others.


Exterior and interior condition of the vehicle can give you the final and accurate quotation and it can be only done by the manual assessment. Majority of Auto Wreckers prefer the manual assessment before giving you the final quote for your machine.

Still feeling chaotic – how to sell my car?

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