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How to sell my mechanically impaired car?

Do you want to sell your mechanically broken car? It will be a struggle. Of course, you could succeed in the end. But getting there won’t be easy. Expect to have to expend a fair amount of effort. There will be advertising to do, research to do on a good price for your car, you need to clean it and make repairs where they need to be made. On top of all that you need to talk to all the prospective customers.

faulty vehicle

How much preparation do you need to get done to your vehicle?

It is important to make sure that you have a budget on how much you are prepared to spend. Find out what problems there are on your vehicle that are in need of fixing. Also, who do you plan on getting to do these repairs?

What needs repairing?

This will be done after you do the clean. Now that your car is all nice smelling, you can inspect it and find out whether there are any issues that need to be sorted. Perhaps you already know that a tube is leaking somewhere, or some part needs replacing. But if you don’t, have a look. If you are mechanically illiterate, get someone in the know to look at it. Either you or them will be looking for damage and noting it down when you see it. This includes rust, scrapes, dents and just anything that will compromise the value of your vehicle and is worth fixing.

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When looking at your car’s engine you need to take extra special care. It needs to have no dirt in it. Have a mechanic take a good hard look at it.

Are these Repairs Going to be Worth It?

There are certain situations when it really would be better to just sell the vehicle as a scrap car to your local car wreckers. For instance, if the vehicle in question has suffered damage that would cost more to fix that the vehicle is worth. This includes some forms of engine failure and transmission break down.

It can also be a case that the car itself is just too old, and therefore worth such a small amount of money that any kind of semi major repair would be a waste of money. In any of these situations, you are heavily advised to sell the car without making any repairs. You may think this will be hard, but cash for cars services buy these kinds of automobile all the time.

Happy to repair the car yourself?

However, if you are yourself mechanically inclined you will find that you can make the repairs yourself for no dollars at all. If you can do this then go ahead. You will be able to get all the money you desire out of your car as a result. Well done.

Choosing the Correct Mechanic

This is a great excuse to shop around. See what different mechanics quote you for the same job. Choose the most reasonable one. They will be more likely to do a good job.

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