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The Importance of Auto Parts Recycling for Our Environment

The activity of recycling has reached a level of importance in most people’s conscience that was unheard of as little as three decades ago. It’s finally occurred to folks that the resources we use to make everything aren’t of an infinite quantity, and the process that extracts these materials from their original place uses up energy resources that pollute the environment. This principle works the same for automobiles as it does for paper. They are jam-packed full of materials that can be re-used, reducing their cost on the well-being of our planet, as well as enhancing the well-being of our bank accounts.

Eco Factor

Steel is an amazing resource. It is incredibly strong and durable and there isn’t a better material for making vehicle frames with. And if all the cars that entered their end of life stage were recycled properly the amount of iron ore that would need to be taken from the earth would be much less.

Because it takes a lot less energy resources to recycle than it does to do the initial extraction from the ground, those resources are saved as well, meaning less pollution. The amount of time, energy and money saved is well worth it, for financial reasons as well as environmental.

Then there are all the fluids in cars that can be recycled. Brake fluid, coolants, engine oil and petrol can all be recycled, instead of being allowed to leak into the landfill where they were improperly disposed of, eventually seeping into groundwater and ruining everyone’s good times.

Greenhouse Gasses

The fact that new steel isn’t being made, as a direct result of recycling old steel, as has already been stated eliminates the need to expend energy on extracting iron and refining it. That energy would have produced carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that ninety-seven percent of scientists believe is causing climate change.

Taking steel that has already been used and simply melting it down to make new things uses much less energy. Which means much less greenhouse gas. This is great for people worried about leaving behind a planet for their children that won’t be a complete nightmare to live with.

Used Spare Parts

Even if a car has been completely written off in an accident. It will still probably be rich in one particular resource: second hand car parts. Even if it was just the door handle that could be salvaged, that’s still something. The fact is there will very likely be a lot more than just door handles. And if there is a little damage on a part it can be refurbished.

These parts can make a lot of money back for people selling them. It’s also great for the environment, for the same reasons described above. Who knew that helping save the planet could be lucrative as well? If your vehicle is old, and you want to scrap it, consider selling its used auto spare parts first.

Environmentalism is Financially Beneficial

As long as people know that making the world more environmentally sustainable will also help keep their families fed. Hopefully the environment will be okay. Because sometimes it takes people acting in their own self-interests. Whether via car parts recycling or by recycling the steel – in order to make the world a better place.

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