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Looking to Dispose of Your Car in Wellington?

Looking to Dispose of Your Car in Wellington?

There is a correct way to dispose of an old an unwanted vehicle, and there is a wrong way. The wrong way is to leave it abandoned somewhere, and another wrong way is to leave it at a junkyard where it won’t be recycled but rather just left to rust.

Then there is the correct way. Ringing up a trustworthy and reliable junk auto removal company in Wellington and selling it to them. Not only will they recycle the automobile in the proper fashion, they will remove it from your property for free. And the deal breaker: You get paid for the junk car. This is amazing incentive for doing something that will not only free up space on your property. But will also help fill your wallet.


Do Some Research First

These Cash for Cars Companies are becoming quite popular, so there are a few out there. A quick online search will prove this to you if you don’t trust me. There are heaps of them. What you are going to do next is contact a few of them and ask for a free quote. If they don’t give out free quotes, then you know that they aren’t the ones to buy your car.

When asking for a quote the team representative you are talking to will need the details of your vehicle, including the make, model and condition. They will use this info to make an accurate guess as to the value of the vehicle you want to sell.

Compare Car Cash Offers

When you call all the different companies up and get a few different quotes based on the info you provided them concerning the condition of your vehicle. You may want to then sit back and have a wee rest. Make yourself a cup of Milo.

After that compare the different offers and whoever’s figure is the largest might be your best bet for getting top cash. A quick heads up: It will probably Kiwi Auto Wreckers as they always offer the best top cash for cars. Have you ever thought how does cash for cars work?

Get Top Cash for your Junk Car

Once you have rung Kiwi Auto Wreckers and decided to sell your automobile to them. Because they are the company that gave the best free quote, that same day they will send someone over to your place to assess the automobile in question. They will just be looking to make sure you weren’t lying and telling them that the vehicle is in better condition than it already is. Once they learn that you are indeed a trustworthy person. They will breathe a sigh of relief and have the vehicle removed from your property free of charge.


This is the most convenient method for selling a vehicle if you are living anywhere in the Lower North Island. Most auto removal companies will buy it regardless of its condition, make or model. So don’t delay any further and call the car removal company nearby. If you procrastinate the car’s value will fall due to further deterioration at the hands of time.

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