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How Junk Cars Affect the Environment

How Junk Cars Affect the Environment

All automobiles have an effect on the environment. This isn’t just confined to vehicles that are running and currently serving their owners as transportation machines. The dead machines that fall under the term “junk vehicle” also negatively affect the world around us. It’s perfectly understandable for one to be under the impression that this isn’t so. Don’t be fooled by their lack of mobility. They are out to be environmentally harmful, and the sooner you’re wise to this, the better.


Allow me to list the ways that scrap cars hurt our planet thusly:

  1. They pollute without any thought for the well-being of the planet. This is partly due to their lack of self-awareness. But that’s no excuse for all the fluids that they lead into the ground. Fluids such as engine oil, coolants, brake fluid and any fuel left in the gas tank. The surrounding soil soaks up this muck. It eventually finds its way into water supplies.
  2. Older model vehicles, which are well past their end of life stage, put out Chlorofluorocarbons. These are nasty chemicals. Their main goal in life is to ruin our precious ozone layer. They must be stopped. Selling a junk car is the way to do this.

A lot of folks keep their cars right up until the moment the vehicle is completely non-road-worthy. This is bad news, especially when it comes to the engines in models that are older. They are an unfortunate source of carbon monoxide and other such pollutants.

  1. Those fluids that were mentioned in the first placing in this list have another effect: they hurt wildlife. Animal life relies on ecosystems, and when the ground soil is contaminated the bugs that live there are contaminated, and the birds that eat the bugs as well. It’s an endless cycle, stopped only by junk auto removal, who buy junk cars off people and recycle them.
  2. The gases that are released as per number 2 on this list are called greenhouse gases. They are called this because when they get into the atmosphere they behave like a greenhouse, trapping heat and causing runaway greenhouse effects that have been forecast by scientists to raise the global temperature in the next 100 years, possibly creating chaos. There are people who believe this isn’t the case, but 97% of the scientific community believe it is the case.
  3. Scrap cars are not biodegradable. They won’t break down into the environment the same way organic waste does. This means that all the plastics and rubber will stick around for many decades, slowly releasing their pollutants into the surrounding environment. This is bad news for everyone.



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