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Maintaining Your Car during winter

Maintaining Your Car during winter

The winter months are not kind of automobiles. If you live in a particularly cold climate, your gas lines can be frozen, you can be locked out, or worse. Check out 4 ways to treat your car well.


The checklist below will help you prepare for this terrible time. It is created by Kiwi Auto Wreckers Wellington crew members.

Flush the radiator

It’s important to clean out the radiator regularly. It’s an easy thing to forget, but you must get into the habit of remembering because a radiator that is clean is a radiator that is being cared for, by you, the owner of this fine automobile.

A kit for emergency

Make a kit for when cold weather related disaster strikes. Tire chains and blankets are obvious choices of items to add. But don’t forget to have washer fluid and extra engine coolant. Some jumper cables are indispensable. Most importantly, an ice scraper. These come in handy when you need to scrape ice.

De- icer

Have some of this handy both in your house and in your vehicle. The reason for this is that extreme cold weather has the bad habit of locking people out of their cars, as I’m sure you’ve experienced.


Window screen wipers are one of the components in your average car that must be replaced at least once a year. Failure to do so invites madness and mayhem to your windscreen. Don’t let complacency and laziness get in the way of protecting your precious car’s biggest window from the terrible ravishes of cold weather.


Check your tyres tread. Minimum tread depth is 1.5mm. Get a ruler and measure it. If it doesn’t measure up, you need to replace them, because the winter months can make roads extra slippery, and that slipperiness creates a dangerous environment for everyone who drives around with tyres that have inadequate tread to grip the road with. Get the quality tyres if you don’t have one.

Gas tank level

Don’t let the level of gas in your tank go below half. The reason for this is moisture in the gas line. If it freezes up, this is bad news for everyone.

Check the battery

If you can spot a white substance, you know that corrosion is occurring. Clean it off with a brush and baking soda, not to mention water. Do you know where to buy good used car batteries?


You can take your vehicle to the panel beaters and have them sort your car out for the coming winter months. This should help the car to be completely prepared for the coming cold. It’s a good thing you read this checklist, because you can ask the mechanic what they will do to winterize the car, and if they leave anything out you can publicly scold them.

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