Why Kiwi auto wreckers are Porirua’s leading Toyota removal company

You will be hard pressed to find a vehicle as reliable and yet affordable as the famous Toyota. But no amount of affordability or reliability will stop your Toyota from one day being a scrap car. Whether it gets that way due to old age, disaster or accident is irrelevant. However, just because your Toyota has bitten the dust doesn’t mean that you can’t sell it.

How is that so? Because if you live in Porirua or Lower Hutt, Wellington you can easily sell it to the area’s leading Auto Wrecking Company. That’s us, Kiwi Auto Wreckers. Why choose to sell to us? Read further and find out:

Our Team’s Experience Levels

You won’t find a more experienced team of professionals in the auto wrecking industry anywhere else in Wellington. We didn’t decide to become auto wreckers yesterday. We have been toiling in this industry for decades and our level of expertise reflects this fact.

All Toyota Models Wanted to Buy

There is no such thing as a Toyota that we wouldn’t buy. If you are worried that we won’t buy your Toyota, just ask yourself this: Is your Toyota hasn’t stolen? If it isn’t stolen, then we will buy it regardless of what model it is. So, regardless of whether your specific Toyota is a Tundra, MasterAce, Supra, Prius, Corolla, Tacoma, Celica, Auris, Sienna, Alphard or Dyna, you will have no trouble whatsoever selling it to us here at Kiwi Auto Wreckers.

We Always Pay Top Dollar for Toyota

Do you want to sell your Toyota but are worried that it will not get the amount of money that it is worth? Sell that Toyota with us and you will get more money than you would get if you sold to anyone else in town. Our cash for car removal process in Porirua works hassle-free and fast.

When we offer money for a vehicle of any kind we always make sure that we do so with a bias toward top cash. This is to ensure that our customers are happy and spread the word, so that more people know that we are the best in town.

The Removal of your Scrap Toyota is Free

We are often asked by our customers whether or not we will charge them for the removal of their vehicle. We certainly understand why people have this concern. If they charge for removal costs, then they will effectively be getting less money at the end of the day.

Here at Kiwi Auto Wreckers we understand that more money is better than less money. We want our customers to get the most money that they can get. With this in mind we have working for us car removal specialists so that we can take care of the removal process. This is so that our customers don’t have to hire a tow truck. And we will remove the Toyota in question for free

Any Condition

We will not turn down a car because of its condition. In fact we buy junk cars regularly. And junk cars are generally considered to be in the worst condition. And we will be wrecking those cars as well. The condition a car is in won’t affect its ability to be wrecked. So no matter what condition your car is in, we will buy it off you.

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