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Pros and cons of buying refurbished car transmission

Pros and cons of buying refurbished car transmission

Well! Your car’s transmission just failed on your daily driver and so now you are planning on to replace it. But, then you may be wondering what are the pros and cons of buying a refurbished car transmission. Refurbished transmissions are the used components that have been entirely disassembled and built again by replacing the major internal components inside the second hand transmission casing with the new components. They offer a variety of advantages to the customers who are looking to replace their vehicle’s transmission on a budget.


However, these refurbished components may have some limitations as well. So, when it comes to purchasing a refurbishes auto components, there are some things to be aware of as well. Many savvy consumers and people who are concerned about having their cars in proper working order as fast as possible. This is why, it is best to look for buying a refurbished transmission before investing more money on a new one.


  • One of the major reasons why people opt to use refurbished transmissions instead of a new one. In most cases, purchasing one that is rebuilt can save you a lot of dollars. If you have adequate knowledge install the component on your own. You will save the additional labour cost by installing it yourself. However, if you have insufficient know-how about vehicles. You must take your automobile to a trustworthy mechanic.
  • When shopping for a rebuilt transmission, you will find that all the components used in it are added with the advanced fittings and parts. But when purchasing new one. There will be no guarantee if it has the latest parts or not. Because it is new, this means that it has never been tested in an automobile and it may or may not have the latest upgrades.
  • Most of the companies also offer transmissions covered by a warranty. When purchasing one, you can expect to get a minimum warranty of 12-months or for 12,000-mile which covers 100% of the components and labour. In case you find an affordable re-manufactured unit. But that does not have a warranty, it won’t be a good idea to buy it. Because if some issues were to occur with the component, then you have to spend even more money on its repairs or else you would have no option.


  • Warranty is one of the prime disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished manufactured transmission. Because with it you won’t get as lengthy warranty as you would get on purchasing a new one. But, if you are purchasing it from a trusted source and have had it installed properly. No such issue would occur.
  • Another drawback of buying a re-manufactured transmission is that you do not always know if the component has been tested thoroughly or not. Because if the company that refurbished the component does not test it properly. You have no way of telling if the component is in a proper working order until you have it installed in your automobile. Therefore, before purchasing a re-manufactured unit. You should make sure that the company has thoroughly tested its products before transporting.

Overall, the pros of buying a refurbished transmission by far outweigh the cons. Particularly for auto owners who are looking to save a fair bit of money on its purchase. Before you choose any company to shop for a rebuilt transmission, ensure to check it is professional, has a good reputation and tests its products on a daily basis and also offer a good, solid warranty with them. This way you will have no trouble when purchasing, re-manufactured transmission.

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