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Car Scrap Yards in Wellington

Car Scrap Yards in Wellington

We all have heard about people scrapping their old cars for cash at wrecking yards. But most of the people still don’t have a clear knowledge about how car scrap yards in Wellington exactly work? How do they utilise the old and beaten up cars, trucks, vans, Utes and SUVs that are sold to them? The answer is simple, wrecking yards recycle undesirable vehicles and thus play a crucial role in helping to eliminate unwanted and harmful substances in the landfills. Hence, they are helpful to not only to scrap vehicle owners, but to the environment as well. According to a survey, over 90% of undesirable vehicles have been safely recycled and disposed in the NZ, when handled in compliance with government regulations.

What is a Wrecking Yard?

A wrecking yard (also known as junk yard or scrap yard) is a place where decommissioned or smashed vehicles are dismantled. In the process of dismantling, the wrecked or damaged vehicles are stripped for useful parts, which are then refurbished and sold for use in working automobiles. While the unusable and worthless items are sold to metal recycling facilities.

Are there any guidelines for Car Junk Yards?

Salvage yards deal with damaged and undesirable vehicles as such. They are responsible for handling highly dangerous substances. Therefore, they should satisfy certain laws and regulations formulated by the federal and local government. Even though each state specify their own set of regulations for the working of their local junk yards. But they have to adhere to certain standards. These standards are basically designed to make sure that the junk yards are working towards the elimination of harmful materials and properly disposing and environment friendly recycling the auto parts, fluids and equipment. Read more – environmental benefits of salvage junk yards.

When should I deal with a Salvage yard?

When your old car, van, Ute, truck or SUV stop serving their purpose of driving you to your business place or on family trips. Then it’s time to visit your local junk yard. Most of the scrap yards accept and buy vehicles of all make, models, year and brand irrespective of their condition. Best of all, you can sell them your damaged vehicle with the peace of mind that you are doing your part for the good of the environment.

How does the Vehicle Wrecking Process Works?

There are a number of steps involved in the auto wrecking process. Here they are:

  • Removal of toxic fluids: It is hazardous to dump auto fluids, so they are safely removed and cleaned of any contaminants. There are some fluids that are not reusable, but the motor oil, antifreeze and Freon can be re used again after recycling. They are used for various purposes like refrigerant, energy and antifreeze.
  • Removal of parts: Even if the majority of your vehicle is broken down or damaged. It may still have a few parts that can be reconditioned and resold. The parts and components that can be used again are extracted from the automobiles prior to wrecking. They are then cleaned, refurbished and tested so they can be used again in operating vehicles as second hand parts.
  • Recycling Parts: There are some parts which must be taken off and processed before recycling the vehicle. For example, the components like a dead auto battery is composed of highly toxic and injurious substance, i.e. lead. This material is removed from the batteries and re-utilized to manufacture a new one. The plastic can be also removed from the auto battery and use to manufacture cases for new batteries.
  • Crushing the car: When all the toxic fluids and useful parts have been removed and the vehicle has been recycled properly, the leftover is crushed with the help of an auto crusher. After the automobile has been flattened, it is shredded into pieces and steel metals are separated with the help of specialized magnets.

The process of selling your junk car to scrap car buyers

Selling your unwanted car to junk yard is a great way of getting rid of that eyesore while making a little bit of money and helping the environment. The process is very simple and fuss-free.

  • Remove your personal belongings

Every one of us have the habit of leaving our personal things in our vehicles. Therefore, make sure to remove all your personal belongings from the automobile prior to taking it to the scrap yard. Check out every corner to remove things that belong to you. This is because once you hand over the vehicle to the junk yard. It will completely belong to them.

  • Take off the valuable parts

Before complying with quote from any scrap yard facility make sure to have a good at your automobile components. If you find any part which is worth selling separately. You can remove it and earn a fair bit of cash out of it. Some of the valuable components that are worth selling privately include, battery doors, windows, audio system, cooling system, exhaust and windshield wipers.

  • If your vehicle’s fuel tank is full, make sure to utilize it before you sell it to the junk yard. Also, remove the license plates.
  • Have a valid title.

When scrapping your car at the wrecking yard, you will need a valid title for it in order to transfer its ownership. So, make sure to have the title in hand when the tow truck driver arrives to collect your old car. If you have lost it, make sure to get a duplicate one from your local DMV office.

Find a Scrap Car Removal Company with good reputation.

Make sure to contact a reliable and experienced Scrap car buyer like Kiwi Car Removals in your area and request for a quote. If you like the price they have quoted, they will quickly arrange an appointment for your auto removal. They will also pay you instant money on the spot.

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