How Much Can You Get Scrapping a Car?

(Last Modified on: August 9, 2019)


You may have seen a junk car at a scrapyard, or on someone’s lawn. It is always difficult to wrap one’s head around the fact that the vehicle you saw was once brand new. Your vehicle may be the latest model. However, one day, that very car will be un-driveable due to extreme disrepair. In other words, a scrap car.

A vehicle can arrive at this destination in its life via a few different avenues. A road accident can do it. Natural disasters such as flooding can do it. Neglect can lead to a blown engine. But if nothing else will get it, age will eventually render your car useless.

Whatever the reason for any vehicle to be in scrap condition, it is important to remember that it isn’t completely worthless. You still have the option of actually selling it for some cash. The amount of money that we are talking about here totally depends on the condition it is in. It’s certainly better than leaving it on your lawn somewhere.

In general Ball Park figures, you can get from $100 to $5’000 in Wellington (Lower North Island) and up to $7000 up on the North Island and Auckland.

However, make sure to cancel the registration of your car before salvaging unless the auto wrecking company can take care of that.

How the Value of a Scrap Car is Worked Out

A scrap car may look like trash. But as the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. It may seem strange that disposing of a junk vehicle will get you paid, seeing as disposing of garbage generally requires you to spend some money. So, now that we have established that junk vehicles are not worthless, how do we establish how much they are worth?

The first port of call that needs to be checked out is how much the car is worth in good condition. That figure is used as a point of reference. Now we can look at other details pertaining to the car in question. How old is the car? What parts on the vehicle can be salvaged, and what parts are so damaged that they are the reason for why the car is junk? The price of scrap metal will be a factor, as will the make and model of the vehicle in question.

How to Ensure You Get the Best Deal

Like anyone, you will be wanting to get the most out of your scrap car. Here are some tips on how to make this happen:

  • Don’t procrastinate.

If you procrastinate, your car will continue to depreciate. If it is outside, the sun will degrade the paint job. Rust will grow. And the increased age will factor into it being worth less than it was.

  • Ask for More If the Vehicle is Still Roadworthy

A car that is still driveable should be worth much more. So make sure you get a better deal if this is the case.

  • Don’t Settle for Less

If you can figure out how much your car should be worth, don’t settle for less. Keep the amount you want solid in your head so that you don’t end up getting less. And be sure to be positive and you should be just fine.

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