What happens after scrapping a car with wreckers?


So, you have sold your old or scrap car that was no more in use. You might be indeed happy to have that eyesore eliminated from your property. But the process of getting rid of a junk vehicle don’t just end with its removal. In fact, there are many people who are curious to know that what happens to their old clunker after it is towed away to the salvage yard.

Well! You will be happy to know that your vehicle won’t just sit and deteriorate slowly in the scrap yard. It will be safely recycled in a manner that is healthy for the environment. Nearly 95% of the end-of-life vehicle is recycled when it is scrapped with a car wrecking company.

Here, let’s learn what happens after scrapping a car with vehicle wreckers.

It is wrecked piece by piece

When the representatives of a wrecking company tow away your vehicle to the salvage yard. They don’t simply leave it there to deteriorate instead they start breaking it for parts that are re-usable and can be reconditioned. A plenty of parts and components are refurbished and sold to be used in various other working vehicles. Some of the parts which are most commonly sold as second hand is Starters, Water Pumps, Engines, Doors, Transmissions, Bumpers, Alternators, etc.

The Auto wrecking specialists will also remove the coolant, oil, gasoline and other fluids for recycling and reuse. This also helps in preventing toxic fluids of vehicles from seeping into the waste bodies and soil.


Once all the salvageable parts and materials are removed from your junk vehicle the leftover is sent to the notorious shredder. The auto shredding machine will quickly break down the automobile into tiny pieces which can be easily separated piece by piece. After that chunk of metals are sent to various plants, like smelters, furnaces and steel mills, so it can be used in the manufacturing of new products. For instance, you can use the components of your Junker as new vehicle parts, construction materials and in consumer batteries.

However, the process of recycling doesn’t stop to shredding of metals. Even the tyres are shredded and turned into garden mulch, asphalt, brake pedals, floor mats, or playground surfaces. In fact, all new tyres compose of 10% recycled materials. Additionally, the plastic used in the car’s body is also used in many different useful ways. For example, PET plastics used in pumpers of automobiles are used for the manufacturing of new appliances or vehicles.  

The recyclable auto parts are not only used as second hand parts in other vehicles. According to Automotive Recyclers Association, 20% of recycled car substances is also used in the structure of a new automobile. For instance, the casings of dead batteries can be converted into splash shields. The plastic bottles can be used as a great cover for heating vents and engine oil level gauges. Plus! You don’t have to throw away the nylon carpet as it can be used into evaporative emissions systems and air cleaners. More information can be found at scrap car yards in Wellington.

Thus, scrapping an unwanted vehicle play an important role in maintaining the beauty of recycling as it is environmentally sound.

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