How to Sell My Car in NZ While Living Abroad?

(Last Modified on: August 9, 2019)

People travel overseas all the time for all kinds of different reasons. Maybe you have found yourself overseas due to a job you managed to score. Or perhaps there is a different reason. It doesn’t matter as far as the topic of this blog goes.

You have a car sitting in your home country NZ that you want to sell. You certainly don’t want to leave it where it is, getting rustier and more neglected by the day. It is depreciating in value as you think about it. Better to sell it now!

The only alternative to selling it is to throw your money away when the vehicle in question inevitably loses value. Which is why it is important for you to get down to it and sell it, but how when you are currently living in another country? You need a solution to this conundrum. Fortunately, here are some things you can do in order to complete this task properly. Continue reading to find out how to sell a car while you are currently living in another country.

Get the Paperwork Together

You need to get all the documentation associated with the vehicle in question into one place. They may be in your previous country, so perhaps it is an idea to get a friend or family member who still lives there to do it.  If you can’t get this done, it could be a lot harder to properly sell the car that you want to sell. This is due to the fact that ownership needs to be properly transferred to who-ever buys your automobile.

Appoint a Trusted Person

Seeing as you live overseas now, it will be logistically difficult for you to sell your car yourself when it comes to finding buyers and such. This is why you will be best to appoint a friend or relative who you can trust one-hundred percent to carry out this task for you. These people can sort out the documentation for you. They can help you with the advertising. Also, they can take photos of your car, and field prospective customers when people start responding to the advertising.

They will also be going with the prospective buyers on test drives and such. Make sure that you choose someone who you know isn’t going to scam you. Don’t put your trust in someone who hasn’t earned it properly.

The Best Place to Sell Your Car to Wreckers

If you want to really simplify the entire process, you may want to consider selling a car to the wreckers. You won’t have to place ads or get photos taken. The company will even take care of the paperwork. It may be an idea to still have someone there when the company comes over to pay the cash and take the car. A good scrap car removal service will take the car using their own towing equipment, and they will pay cash on the spot. Good luck selling your car!

Last bit, just make sure that you cancel the registration of your vehicle before selling it off unless you have any arrangements to get it done by the car buyers. Find out all about NZ Licence and registration.

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