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Repair vs Sell My Car? Who Buys Cars That Don’t Run?

There has never been a vehicle that didn’t share the ultimate fate of becoming useless at some point. It happens to them all. It can be because it simply aged so much that the accumulated wear and tear ended it, or it could be because it was in a giant crash that left it a mangled ball of twisted steel, rubber and glass.

Whatever the reason will be, if you see a brand-new car on the car lot, it seems strange to think that it will end up a scrap vehicle one day. But it will. It often ends up with the owner wondering whether should I scrap my car or fix it? This is not actually a hard question to answer.

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Sell your Scrap Car or A Car That Doesn’t Run

Perhaps you have looked into how much it is going to cost you to have it repaired. And the car is so old that it is only worth a few thousand dollars. About the same as the cost of repair. You could sell the car and get a replacement vehicle. In fact, that is what you should do. But who will buy it? The answer to that question, if you live anywhere in the Lower North Island of NZ, is also easy to answer. Kiwi Auto Wreckers will buy your unwanted car, and pay you good cash in order to do so!

We buy all kinds of cars. At Kiwi Auto Wreckers, we buy all kinds of automobile, in fact. We will buy your vehicle regardless of whether it is a truck, SUV, van, Ute, 4×4 or car.

Get the Best Price from Wreckers in Lower North Island

So, you want to sell your vehicle. First, you will need to tell us the make, model, age and condition the vehicle is. That way we can figure out how much it is worth by knowing what parts and materials we can salvage. In some cases, it is possible for us to make offers of up to $5’000 for cars if they meet all the requirements. But it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, or what condition it is in, as we will buy it regardless for the best cash.

Reasons to Select Kiwi Auto Wreckers

  • The amount of time we have been wrecking cars exceeds two decades, making us incredibly experienced in our expertise.
  • No-one pays more cash for unwanted cars than we do
  • Don’t worry about having money deducted from your car’s value in order to cover removal costs, as we provide removal free of charge
  • There is no make or model that we won’t buy
  • There isn’t a level of disrepair that we will make us reject a car.

Get in Touch Today for a Free Quote!

You want to sell your old scrap car to Wreckers in Lower Hutt, Wellington? No worries. Contact us by calling this number: 0800 800 721. Or if you would prefer, there is a contact form on our website that you can use to get a free quote. Don’t delay and sell your vehicle for top cash today!

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