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Car Wreckers are where the Auto Recycling Process begins

Car Wreckers are where the Auto Recycling Process begins

When a vehicle gets written-off or smashed in an accident, it becomes a useless machine. In such situations, it is normal to get frustrated of having an eyesore taking up space at your place. But even a clapped-out vehicle contains various fluids, parts and components that can be reconditioned and reused.

According to current surveys ​at Kiwi Auto Wreckers on Wellington, auto bodies are the best examples of junk stuff. As scrap vehicles are notoriously difficult to get rid of in a short time period. 

The Revolution of Car Wreckers

Fortunately, these days a large number of car wrecking companies are operating in every country. Their professional wreckers are highly efficient to deal with unwanted automobiles in various possible conditions.

Other than recyclable steel body and parts, wrecked automobiles also contains wiring and electronics, glass, upholstery, plastics, oil, brake fluid, upholstery, wiring, transmission, fuel, and tyres.

They buy your car to recycle and pay the current market price based on the current metal recycling prices. You should know how to get the most cash from the car wreckers.

However, if these components are not-useful, they could be environmentally hazardous and polluting. Thus, vehicle wreckers make sure to properly recycle all of the parts and components that are not functional. 

Current Study Statistics

The recent study also said that every automobile needed to be removed at the end of its lifespan. Instead of being taken to a landfill it must be hand over to an eco-friendly car wrecking company. Lower North Island is one of the many local destinations for automobiles that are no-longer-used. More or less are likely to take from the top of North Island and Taha Car Collection has won the market in that area.

They will have skilled wreckers and recyclers who dismantle and recycle junk automobiles. Basically, they cut them into parts and extract the working components. Those parts will then be refurbished and sold for use in other automobiles.

Additionally, auto wreckers also obtain vehicles through auto auctions through the insurance process. They also deal with people looking to dispose of their vehicles that are mechanically damaged.

However, they pick those vehicles that have at least some useful components and materials in them. They sell those parts as spare items and also offer a warranty for limited period.

For example, auto wreckers can recycle and re-use the windscreen glass that is in a good condition. Their experts will even responsibly dispose of the liquid wastes like oils and fluids. As they could leach out into landfills and water bodies.  

They will even crush the remaining damaged parts and steel auto body and sell them to scrap metal recycling company. These companies may use the recyclable steel chunks to manufacture engines, batteries, recycled whiteware, gearboxes, etc. Before shredding vehicles into pieces all the fluids are removed and stored in safe containers.

During the shredding process items like metals, plastics, compressed glass, most of the steel materials and unique earth metals are extracted. They are sent overseas for further extraction and processing.

Some quick facts about relevant to vehicle dismantling and recycling process:

  • Expert auto wreckers can extract as many as 30,000 parts from an average vehicle.
  • Steel parts and materials extracted from the automobiles are 100 per cent recyclable. Also, they can be used for many purposes.
  • Recycled scrap vehicle contributes nearly 50 per cent of new steel.
  • In New Zealand, the scrap metal industry is the 14th biggest export earner.
  • Recycling nearly 1000 kgs of steel help in preserving almost 1800 kgs of limestone, iron ore and coal.

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